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H1 – Natural Hair Products By TM Hair Products

TMHP offers a line of natural hair care products for men and women of all hair types and thicknesses. Our products are enriched with only the best natural and organic ingredients on the market, containing
unrefined coconut oil, unrefined macadamia nut oil, vitamin E and organic aloe vera juice just to
name a few. In order to tame your hair, you need to use the proper products that contain the best ingredients. This is the reason why our hair products for natural hair are extremely rich in organic ingredients.

Our two most popular products for natural hair are the Smooth Thru Detangler and the Perfect Assist Styling Aid. Our Detangler untangles the most difficult to manage hair with ease making the untangling process smooth, pain free, and less time consuming. The Smooth Thru Detangler also works great as a co-wash. While our Perfect Assist Styling Aid protects, moisturizes, and adds luster to natural and chemically treated hair.

We have received hundreds of stellar reviews from young women, mothers, and grandmothers about how smoothly our products detangle and style their’s, their kids, and their grandkids hair. See our reviews below to learn why we have been called one of the top natural hair products in the industry.

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H2 – Common Natural Hair Problems We Solve For You

If you have natural hair than you are well aware of the conflicts that we have to go through to
get it to look and feel it’s very best, all while maintaining its texture and liveliness. Our products were established to solve your natural hair problems and help bring you and your family’s hair back to life.

Dry, Brittle, Frizzy, Damaged Hair:
One common problem for women, men and children with natural hair is dryness. Dry hair
looks damaged, brittle and seems to have a lot of frizz. Give our products a try and let them speak for themselves. You will begin to notice your hair is more full of life, moisturized and frizz free after 3 uses. That is our guarantee to you, great moisturized hair that is healthy and ready to shine.

Tangled, Matted, Coiled, Curly, 4c:
Another common problem with natural black hair is it being tangled, matted, curly, or coiled especially in 4c hair types. This is caused by tight coils and dehydration requiring rehydration and moisturizing to smoothly untangle the hair. This is why we created the Smooth Thru Detangler as it will untangle your hard to manage hair smoothly and effectively. Our detangler also works great to untangle locks, braids, weaves, extensions, twists, and more.

H3 – Your Daughter Will Now Love Getting Her Hair Done
Let’s not forget detangling your hair is also painful for children. Which is why many kids refuse to
let anyone do it. One of the greatest things about TMHP is our natural hair product are so
nourishing and moisturizing they practically untangle your hair for you. This allows the tangling
process for you and your children to be quick and easy. By helping you detangle your hair, it is
helping you have less breakage and damage done to your hair, giving it a
break so that it can heal from the inside out.

H4 – Why We Started TM Hair Products?
There are many natural hair care products on the market claiming to help restore moisture and bring natural hair back to life. However, most of them tend to fall short on their claims. Not only were they not organic but they contained multiple damaging ingredients. Chemicals such as Sodium Sulfate,
Polysorbates, Phenoxyethanol and Triclosan among others that inevitably caused more damage
than good to our hair. We wanted to create a product that was organic and did not damage hair, so we set out to do just that, and after years of research we are here today with amazing natural hair products that will leave you feeling great. Best of all our products not only work on African American hair but on all hair types of all cultures

H5 – Tei Mitchell – Founder And Creator Of TM Hair Products
Being the mother of four daughters the sole purpose for creating natural hair products was to repair the damage our children’s hair. In 2008, our oldest daughter’s hair started to change and began to fall out. It became very dry, brittle and hard to manage. Tei just assumed that the products that she was using at the time had changed some of their ingredient, and that they no longer were working. Therefore, she started buying and trying new products, but none of them worked the way she wanted them to.
The mother of four growing girls became very frustrated because her daughter’s hair continued falling out, “her hair literally became shorter and shorter.” After trying at least ten new products, and having none of them work the way that she wanted them to, Tei, out of desperation started experimenting and became what some might call a kitchen chemist. She purchased countless books, and spent hours upon hours researching different ingredients, and how those ingredients affected hair. And after countless hours of research she has developed two outstanding hair care products for natural hair