There are many reasons why women choose to have a breast implant replacement also known as a re-augmentation. If you are considering this there is no need to worry or feel update as it may seem like an uncommon thing but it is more common then you may think. Below you will see a few of the reasons why your self and other women may decide to have a re-augmentation procedure.

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  • Some women are not satisfied with their look after their surgery for example their boobs may look “fake” to them hence they have replacements done to have a more natural look in their eyes.
  • For others, they may want to increase of decrease the size of their size. Their first surgery may have been to small or to large and now they would like to correct that.
  • It’s an unfortunate reality that over time women who have had breast implants done can see those implants start to deform, warp, and even ripple.
  • the skin tissue can start to sag over time requiring a lift and repositioning.
  • If your implant was placed to high or low on your chest then you may want to have them redone.


breast augmentation replacement calgaryHow Much Will Your Breast Implants Replacement Cost?

The cost of having an implant replaced can be slightly cheaper then a standard augmentation procedure as some of the muscle and tissue already has the required “pockets” and shape pre-made, in a manner of speaking.

There is some good news to as typically when having your second procedure it is much more straightforward then your first and can lead to a quicker healing time and less pain. However it is a good idea to review how you will feel post surgery with your plastic surgeon.

If in the end you are not satisfied with your surgical results you can always opt to have them completely removed.


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