The Best Breast Augmentation Surgeons In Ottawa

Breast Implants Ottawa – For thousands of women across Canada having breast augmentation performed often results in feeling a renewed sense of self-esteem. The satisfaction a person can receive from having an operation ranges from person to person but an overwhelming number of women have said it has help them move forward with their lives with a greater sense of happiness and confidence. This is why we here at Surgeons In Canada have researched and compiled information for you to feel more confident in your choice to have a procedure.


Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Procedures in The Ottawa, Ontario Area.

As with everyone, your reasons for choosing to have surgery are unique to you. We feel that if you think you will come out with a renewed confidence in your self and a vastly improved sense of self worth then we recommend receiving plastic surgery. One way to know for sure if breast implants Ottawa is right for you is to view video testimonials on Youtube or you can find additional info by reading our breast implants Montreal article.

Reasons Why Women In Ottawa, Ontario Are having Breast Implants

  • Balancing of breasts if your they are misshapen or not proportionate
  • Enlargement to create a fuller and voluptuous bust line
  • Reductions that to relieve strain and pain on the lower back and shoulders.
  • Reduce sagging that may been caused from pregnancy

Breast Implants Ottawa – Are You a Candidate For Breast Augmentation?

As with any plastic surgery procedure, you must be in good health prior to going under. If you have any health concerns or problems you will need to discuss them with your plastic surgeon during your consultation before your breast enhancement procedure.

Saline vs. Silicone Breast Implants

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Saline Implants

  • The original saline-filled implant is just a water balloon that does not have the natural feel of breast tissue. It requires a relatively small incision since it is inserted empty and then filled with saline through a self-sealing valve. To keep it from sloshing and bouncing, it usually is placed under the chest muscles. Since it has no internal structure, the upper portion collapses when held upright.
  • Ideal for women with slight breast asymmetries.
  • The insertion of any given saline breast implants Vancouver implant during surgery requires a smaller incision than that required for a similar size of Cohesive Gel implant.
  • Saline implants are cheaper than Cohesive Gel implants, which means the total procedure cost for saline implant augmentation is cheaper for the patient.

Silicone Implants

  • The key feature of the standard silicone gel-filled implant is that it feels somewhat like breast tissue. It requires a somewhat larger incision because it is filled when manufactured and can be damaged if forced through a small incision. Slight additional scarring may occur with silicone implants but can be mitigated by following proper healing procedures.
  • Ideal for women with very little natural breast tissue or fat.
  • If a Cohesive Gel implant leaks or ruptures, the silicone gel will not be released.
  • Each implant has a set fill volume for predictable results.

Find a Surgeon To Perform Your Breast Implants Ottawa Surgery

One of the quickest and simplest ways to find information on surgeons who perform breast implants Ottawa is to use a site like This website provides a list of the top plastic surgeons throughout the United States and Canada. There are user reviews, documenting step by step their thoughts and feelings of how they were treated during the consultation, pre-surgery, and post-surgery offering valuable insight.

There are a number of plastic surgeons across Canada and it can be difficult to find the one who meets your needs. We hope the above information has helped you to feel more comfortable and confident as your move forward. Please check out YouTube for more information on breast implants Ottawa.


Both silicone and saline implants can give you a natural look but if you are very thin or have little natural breast tissue are often good candidates for silicone because they are softer and less prone to rippling. However, women that are asymmetrical may be good candidates for saline as the volume of saline solution can be adjusted to even out the breast making them perfectly proportionate to each other. In the end it is up to you and your surgeon to discuss and decide what the right implant type is for you. We hope we have provided you with some information and a starting point to begin talking with your plastic surgeon about whats right for you. If you need more information on breast implants Ottawa and surrounding areas please visit wikipedia.