When considering breast augmentation of course you will want to know how much you will pay for your procedure. This can be somewhat difficult to gauge as the cost can vary, sometimes greatly between plastic surgeons. Typically board certified physicians will cost 10 – 20 percent more then their non certified counterpart, but when it comes to the results you are looking for, as they say, you get what you pay for. This is why we suggest that even tho the cost of your breast augmentation may be a little more with a particular surgeon, if his or her results are good then spending the extra money is completely worth it. click here to find a breast augmentation surgeon in calgary.

In Calgary prices range from $5000 dollars Canadian to $7500 dollars, again depending on the doctor you choose. During your consultation you will be able to discuss in-depth how much you will be paying for your procedure, keep in mind to ask the surgeon if the anesthesiologist services are included in your total bill as sometimes that can be a surprise increase if your not aware before hand.

Another factor to consider into the cost of your breast implants is which type you choose. Typically Saline is the cheapest, followed by Silicone, Followed by the more specialty types such as Gummy Bear, Tear Drop, and custom shaped silicone. If you go with the higher end type then you can add anywhere from $500 – $3000 extra to the price of your procedure.

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