Women in Red Deer Alberta have been faced with a difficult decision in deciding which type of breast implant they should get. For most women this can come down to finances and or shape of breast, to determine which type may suit you the best below you will find a quick review of the 3 most common types of breast implants.

There are 3 main different breast implant types:

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  1. Saline:
    • Are made up of a silicone shell so they are safe for the body while the inside is filled with a safe Saline solution.
    • Are the most common and popular type of breast implant
    • Comes in two different shapes, first being a TearDrop shape that contours to the natural shape of the breast (this is the most popular of the shapes) and secondly a Round Shape (which is the cheaper of the two options)
  2. Silicone:
    • Also have a silicone shell
    • Contain a gel inside the implant that is thicker gel substance in comparison to the liquid saline
    • This makes the breast more naturally elastic and shaping
    • However some countries have banned silicone due to if it ruptures or leaks or needs to transplanting it has been shown to have possible cancerous conditions
  3. Double Lumen:
    • Is the best of both worlds in terms of implant structure
    • Has a silicone filled core with a saline filled outer layer
    • Has all the safety features of saline but also the natural look, feel, and shape of silicone.


We hope you have enjoyed this brief article about breast augmentation and the types of implants that are available in Red Deer, Alberta. If you have any further questions please visit us at Surgeonsincanada.ca for more information