As you know plastic surgery can be a life changing experience and for those who do their research it is an overwhelmingly positive experience. However those who have not put in the time to research their surgery and plastic surgeons, try to cut corners, or who try to go with the cheapest surgeon who happens to be less skilled often have a very negative surgical experience. This is why it is so important to do your due diligence on potential surgeons and gain as much knowledge as possible before choosing.

Below we have put together a list of 10 Life-Saving Plastic Surgery Tips that will help you get started in finding the best plastic surgeon for you.

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1: Complete And Thorough Research Of The Plastic Surgeons You Are Considering

Here a few key areas that you should fully dive into to get a more complete view of your surgeons skills before selecting one surgeon over the other. Review each plastic surgeons patient testimonials which can be found on the surgeons Facebook Page, in plastic surgery forums, on Ratemd’, Google search, and friends & family. Another great person to ask would be your doctor or dermatologist. Ask them if they have heard any positive or negative things about the surgeons you are considering, the medical community can be small place so you may be able to get a some “insider” information about you potential surgeons.


2: Check Their Board Certifications, How Many Do They Have? And From Where?

It is very important to look into the schooling and certifications of the surgeons you are considering as it is safe to say that anybody who puts in more time to study their craft will have superior skills to those who do not.

Make sure you surgeon is at least board certified from one of the following associations:

For our American readers your surgeons should have at least one certification from the following:


3. Choose A Surgeon Who Specializes In Your Surgery

Finding a surgeon who specializes in the surgical procedure you are considering is always wise as they will have the utmost experience in that particular operation. They will no all the ins and outs and have worked on many different people giving them a solid work of experience to draw on to make your procedure come out just the way you want.If you want to take this one step forward, look for the top rated surgeon out of the ones who specialize in your operation, choose the very best one regardless of the price and you will have set yourself up for a excellent surgical experience.

4. Choose A Surgeon Who Has The Same Aesthetic Sense As You

It’s an old saying that what you find beautiful may be unattractive to somebody else. This is why it is very important to find a surgeon that shares your aesthetic sensibility, so that you both are on the same page to what is beautiful to you.

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5. Know That Before & After Photos Don’t Tell The Whole Story

Practically every cosmetic surgeon has good before and after photos because no one shows their bad work. While it is good to have pictures to see what the surgeon has accomplished and to get a good idea of their surgical skill, it is important to remember that the photos your looking at only represent the very best of the best that the surgeon has performed. Simply put do not rely on them as the key decision making point in your mind, this is only one part of the many things to consider.


6. Look Only At The Results For The Surgery You Want Done

While its great to see amazing results for other types of surgeries the surgeon has performed your focus should only be on the results from the procedure you want performed. Seeing results from non related surgeries does not help you in any way, you want to make sure the surgeon is an expert in your procedure, because who knows he/she may be great at breast augmentation but be horrible at facelifts.


7: Discuss With Each Potential Cosmetic Surgeon Their Safety & Operating Facility Policies

It is important to discuss what safety procedures, operating room accreditation, and emergency plans are in place so that you can feel and be safe during your surgical procedure. Ask your surgeon what is their operating room’s level of accreditation, you will want either a AAAHC, AAAASF, or JCAHO certification. Also make sure your anesthesiologist is either a Board Certified Anesthesiologist or a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist so that you will be safe and in good hands as you go under.


8: Look For Past Patients Who Look Similar To You

It’s easy to get serenaded by stunning before and after photos, but the key is to look for people who look like you. Make sure that when you are looking at the surgeons photos that you are looking for people who have a similar face, nose, breasts, tummy, etc as you. This will give you a very good indication if the surgeon can handle your procedure and deliver the results you want.


9. If You’re Still Apprehensive To Surgery, Don’t Worry You Have Options.

If you are still apprehensive about getting plastic surgery there are numerous non invasive surgeries that don’t require you to go under the knife. However here are few things to consider about non invasive surgery.

  • It is generally cheaper then traditional plastic surgery,
  • Can take many procedures done in stages or the course of a few weeks or months to achieve your desired results
  • Sometimes cannot yield the same dramatic results that traditional cosmetic surgery can
  • Are only available in a limited type of surgery.


10. Get Your Cosmetic Surgeon To Explain In Detail What They Will Do

Everybody is special and no we’re not just saying that. Every person has a different body shape, facial composition, and physical figure so no matter how many patients your surgeon has seen they will not have previously worked on somebody with your exact features. This is why it is a requirement that you get your surgeon to explain every detail of your procedure and how they will achieve the look you want. Feel feel to fully discuss in exact detail how you would like your final look to be.


If you enjoyed this post or know someone who would benefit from the information here, please share it with them on social media. Plastic surgery is major decision and can be a life altering experience and we wish for everyone to have a fantastic surgical experience, be safe, and love their looks for years to come.